Aja Bond
B. 1982, Kelowna, B.C. Canada 
Lives in Santa Cruz, CA, US

Selected Exhibitions 

Emulsion, Irwin Scholars Exhibition, Faculty Gallery, Santa Cruz
All Day I Dream About Soil, Sesnon Underground, Santa Cruz, solo show
Queer Ecology Hanky Exhibit, White Page, Minneapolis & Irma Freeman Center, Pittsburg
Experimental Engagements, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts conference, UC Irvine. group exhibition
Amici Mortem (friends of death), Pantheacon, San Jose, CA. 4 days of collaborative, intensive programming/social practice/installation in a suite at a Neo-pagan conference.
Dye/Resist, SubRosa, Santa Cruz, CA. Solo exhibition. 
Hochparterre, Berlin, Germany. Group exhibition.
The Through Line, Gam Gallery. Group exhibition.
Pains-Taking Comfort-Queen, Un Quiet Bodies, Gallery Gachet. Two-person exhibition w/Chandra Melting-Tallow. 
Pillars of (W)hole Time, Turning to Night, Le Petite Versailles, New York, NY. Group exhibition. 
Relanding Mugwort, TBD, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON. Week-long collaborative performance/ritual for group exhibition w/the STAG Library, Gina Badger, Cheyanne Turions, Eric Emery.
Femme Futures, Video Fag, Toronto, ON. Performance w/Alize Zorlutuna.
No Pipeline No Tankers No Tar Sands and Salmon Hats, Cascadia, Collar Works, Troy, NY. Group exhibition.
Braids, Access Gallery. Two-person exhibition w/Donna Huanca.
Triangle Fort, Illuminares Lantern Festival and Vancouver Children’s Festival. Installation.
HYPERCRAFT studio, Artbank/Hammock. Solo show
COUNTERMAPPING, Queer Art Festival, Gerry Thorne Gallery. Group Exhibition w/Diadem. 
Mute Motiv, Goonies. Solo exhibition. 
Blanket Fort, Signal and Noise Media Art Festival. Commissioned installation w/Seamrippers.
Screen-print Show, Seamrippers Craft Center. Group exhibition.
Diorama Show, Seamrippers Craft Center. Group exhibition.
Doll Show, Seamrippers Craft Center. Group exhibition.


Liminal Space Meditation, Beyond the Grave, Indexical/Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA.
Compost Devotional Ritual, Experimental Engagements, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts conference, UC Irvine.
Big Joy Festival, as DJ Tapes. 
Big Joy Festival, Remington Gallery, w/Diadem.
2nd Annual CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION. Community procession w/Textile Group and the FAG
HE(A)R, Vancouver New Music. Commissioned performance w/Brady Marks. 
Eye of the Storm, Rio Theatre, w/Diadem.
CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION. Community procession w/Textile Group
Fuse, Vancouver Art Gallery, w/Her Jazz Noise Collective (HJNC).
Quilt of Mirrors, Signal and Noise Media Arts Festival. Commissioned performance as DJ Tapes w/prOphecy sun. 
Copyright/Copyleft, Vancouver New Music Festival, as DJ Tapes. 
The After Party, VIVO Media Arts Center, w/HJNC
Guitars! Guitars! Vancouver New Music Festival, w/HJNC.
The Sound I’m Looking For, Charles H. Scott Gallery. w/Diadem.
Open Circuits, Or Gallery, w/In Flux.
Raw and Cooked, Western Front, w/In Flux. 

Publications and Presentations

Turn, Turn, Turn: The Multispecies Choreography of Compost, Dance Studies Association Conference, Vancouver B.C.
The Fabric of Time: Exploring the Potential of Nonlinear Prefiguration, Feral Fabric Journal Vol. 2
The Freedom Quilting Bee: Textile Art and Mutual Aid in the Civil Rights South, Feral Fabric Journal Vol. 1
Compost Devotional Ritual and Liminal Space Meditation, You Are Here to Feel. Scores for compilation poster edited by Zoe Kreye
Compost Poesis: Death Magic and the Soil Food Web. Self-published essay.
Giving Shape: Towards Unsettling the Anthropocene. Self-published essay.
The Holy Mother, the Queen of the Witches and the Goddess of Flowers: Encounters with Death through Deity. Self-published essay.
Time is on Our Side, When Language Runs Dry. Compilation zine.
Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality. Co-created zine and intensive workshop.


MAC-CRES, Co-op Radio. Residency.
HYPERCRAFT studio, Artbank/Hammock. Residency

Curatorial Projects

2010 – 2015       
The STAG (Strathcona Art Gallery) and STAG Library, w/Gabriel Saloman. A gallery, library, residency and community space hosted in the home of two artists with talks, readings, exhibitions, screenings and open hours every Sunday.
2008 – 2009   
Women’s Studies, 9-part performance series co-curated w/HJNC, co-produced by VIVO Media Arts Center featuring “mostly women making mostly noise” which led to the formation of over 15 new women-fronted experimental sound projects.

Social Practice and Community Organizing

2018 – 2019       
Amici Mortem (friends of death). Interdisciplinary collaborative group working on transforming the theory and cultural practices around death, dying and the dead in the Anthropocene.
2018 – 2020       
Teen Earth Magic. Annual, week-long wilderness intensive for teens combining science, critical-settler and intersectional feminist organizing principles and community ritual.
2016 – present        
The Fábrica Community Textile and Salvage Workshop. Volunteer-run, by-donation community space, tool share, gallery, library and resource center serving various marginalized groups.
2014 – 2017   
The Witches* Union Hall (W*U Hall). Project proposing “magic as a form of labor”. Facilitated dialogue, interventions, workshops, publishing, and a reading/discussion practice group at the intersection of radical politics and magic.
2007 – 2015       
WOEVAN (Witches of East Van). Group advocating for “coming out of the broom closet” through regular, elaborate public and private rituals incorporating Queer, Anarcho-feminist and radical enivironmental perspectives and practices. 
2007 – 2010   
Her Jazz Noise Collective. Weekly open jams for all self-identified women interested in experimenting with sound. Workshops, performances, releases and a 9-part performance series.
2007 – 2018        
Free Cascadia Witchcamp. Annual, week-long wilderness intensive combining radical environmentalism, critical-settler and intersectional feminist organizing principles and community ritual.
2003 – 2007    
Seamrippers Craft Center. Studio, library, gallery, workshop and community space for artists working with mediums traditionally deemed “craft”.